Loungers, also called chaise lounges, were invented with luxury and comfort in mind.
From cushy indoor designs that add character to any living space to seductively cloud-like designs perfect for a bedroom, loungers can make a bold, classy statement in whatever space you put them.
Our Gardenart outdoor two person sun lounger is a chic outdoor furniture piece that’s sure to add comfort and style to any outdoor relaxation spot. Its innovative, double lounger frame design allows for comfortable reclining for one or two people!
Its minimalist, modern design goes perfectly beside any pool or pond, under a patio covering, or in a garden. Its streamlined, high-quality white metal frame is built to withstand rust, prolonged use, and the elements, making it well suited to grace any front lawn, garden, or patio, whether it be private, hotel, or café front.
Its soft, padded beige upholstery is a dream to lie or sit on and the smooth white frame is easily adjustable, so you can find the perfect angle for relaxation, tanning, or chatting with your lounge mate!
The upholstery is made of a quality synthetic rattan material, making it quick and simple to clean. You can sip wine, drink coffee, or indulge in ice cream while lounging by the pool without fearing those pesky hard-to-remove spills or stains!
Create the ambience of relaxation and vacation in your lawn, garden, patio, or pool side, with the two person outdoor whether resistant lounger! Add elegance with a smart decorative drinks table (not included) and a few throw pillows color-coordinated to fit with the rest of the space.